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Who We Are

We paint signs. We design signs. We obsessively photograph vintage signs. We freakin' love signs! We also love the opportunity to work with small businesses and artists to help them communicate who they are and realize their vision, with a little help from our lettering and design skills. Our mission is to fight against the scourge of poorly designed vinyl signs and banners. We believe in the beauty of seeing the human hand in the design around us. Drop us a line to learn more about what we do or to talk about how we can collaborate!
Jessica Cowley
Founder / Painter / Designer

Jessica is the founder of Analog Signs. She moved to Los Angeles to become an urban planner, but realized pretty quickly that she could have more effect on the urban landscape in a much shorter time frame as a sign painter. She attended LA Trade Tech College's Sign Graphics program under the legendary Ralph "Doc" Guthrie. She co-founded and ran Elysian Signs for two years before spinning off to start Analog Signs. 


Jessica is proud to work with a host of Trade Tech alums on jobs large and small, throughout Los Angeles and California.


In her spare time, she enjoys organizing singalongs for friends and strangers, scouring cities for old signs to photograph, and playing along to Troggs records on the drums.

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