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Working With Us

Interested in having us make a sign for you? Well, great! Here's information on how to get started, and answers to some commonly asked questions. Don't see an answer to your question? Email us at

Two simple steps to placing an order:

1. Send us an email or give us a call at 213.986.5668 to talk about what you have in mind. Here are some things we'll need to know to give you an accurate estimate:


  • What's the size of the sign you need?


  • Do you have a design, or would you like us to design it for you?


  • What is the exact wording of the sign?


  • How many colors will the sign be?


  • Is there a particular typeface you'd like us to use?


  • Would you like special effects (outlines, drop shadow) on the lettering? 


  • Would you like us to create the substrate for you (eg. wood, metal), will you provide the substrate, or will we be painting directly on your window or wall?


  • If we're painting on a wall, what is the surface (drywall, brick, smooth stucco, rough stucco, etc.)?


  • If we're painting on your wall or window, how high off the ground is the highest part of the sign? 


  • How will the sign be seen? Will people be walking by an A-frame on the sidewalk, driving 35 mph past the sign above your storefront on Sunset Boulevard, or driving 65 mph past the large sign painted on the side of your warehouse that faces the freeway? We can design specifically for each situation.


  • If you have a budget, let us know. Sign cost often has more to do with complexity than with size so, if your budget is small, we can work with you to create a simple yet effective and attractive design that won't break the bank.


  • If you have a photo of where you would like the sign to be painted or installed, please send it along!


2.  We'll generate a quote for you and a sign sketch for you. If the quote is accepted, we'll require a 50% deposit to get started. Once we receive the deposit, we'll give you an estimated delivery date or on-site painting dates. The remaining 50% is due upon completion of the sign.





How long will it take to get my sign made?

Depending on how busy we are, it will usually take about 2-4 weeks to paint your sign. If you have a tighter deadline than that, please let us know and we'll see what we can do to accommodate your schedule. 


Can you paint my exact logo?

We can paint just about anything you can give to us in a vector file. We can also paint any typeface of your choice -- just send us the artwork with the text outlined. We can accept AI, PDF and EPS files though, if you're working in Illustrator, please save it as a legacy file for CS4, as our computer is still in 2008. 


Can you match colors?

All colors are mixed by hand, so we can't promise an exact match -- but we can get really, really close. You can either provide us with a paint chip or swatch of some sort, or give us a Pantone number.


What materials do you use?

Our signs are designed to be both beautiful and long-lasting. Unless you had something else in mind, for wooden signs we use MDO plywood, which is made specifically for sign painting and outdoor use. We seal the edges with exterior-grade spackle, and coat the entire sign in both primer and background enamel before we even begin lettering. 


For almost all lettering, we use 1Shot enamel sign painter's paint. It's designed to hold up to sun, rain, and other weather conditions, and provides strong, long-lasting color. 


Will you travel?

For the right job, yes! We generally work all over Los Angeles County, but would consider going further. 


Will you ship signs?

Yes! In fact, one of our favorite signs we ever made ever is hanging in Little Rock, Arkansas. Just let us know when you write for a quote, and we can estimate shipping as well.


Why choose hand painted signs over vinyl signs?

It's true that hand painted signs cost more than vinyl signs -- but they last much, much longer and age much, much better. (There's a saying: "paint ages, vinyl dies.") Hand painted signs also send a signal to your customer that quality is important to you, and that you're in it for the long haul.


We became interested in sign painting when we realized that signs have a huge effect on how we experience a city -- sure, they help us find our way around, but they also provide a sense of place. Neighborhoods with lots of vinyl banners tend to feel pretty anonymous, and those with more thoughtful sign-making feel more welcoming and vibrant to us. Granted, we're biased. But we've always believed that we're not just in the design and advertising business, but the city beautification business as well. Beautify your city -- choose hand painted! 

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