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Artist Collaborations

We've been lucky to have the opportunity to use our specialty painting skills to help a variety of artists make their projects and installations a reality. Below are a selection of artist collaborations we've been a part of.  

Yutaka Sone & Benjamin Weissman : What Every Snowflake Knows In Its Heart​

For this show at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, writer and visual artist Benjamin Weissman created a prose poem to be installed alongside the paintings hanging on the wall. Not wanting the sterile look of vinyl letters, we were brought in to paint five paragraphs of text on the walls of the museum.


For more information on the show, click here.

Ken Ehrlich : Spectacular Subdivision​

For this High Desert Test Sites event co-curated with Monte Vista Projects, artist Ken Ehrlich created a desk and a lamp to be installed against the desert backdrop of Wonder Valley. We were commissioned to create a Ben-Day dot thought bubble on the lamp, and a shadow pattern on the desk. 


For a review of the show that includes the installation photos seen here, visit Dayoutlast.

Michael Britt : In Flux​

We were brought in to consult on show layout, mapping and wall painting for Michael Britt's images of a changing Downtown Los Angeles at Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts. We ended up painting a map on the wall and hanging the photos to correspond with the map. This one was especially fun for us since Jessica is a former urban planner and has mapping in the blood. We also hand painted the show's logo on the gallery's window.


All images courtesy Michael Britt.

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