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Commercial Signs

A good sign is one of the best and most cost-effective forms of advertising. We love working with businesses to help them create a sign that is both effective and attractive -- not to mention long-lasting. We only use the highest quality materials and paints, and can work on windows, walls, wood, metal and more! 

Thank You For Coming​

We painted the window sign and transom number for the excellent restaurant / experimental art space Thank You For Coming in Atwater Village. These are painted in reverse on glass in 1Shot sign painter's paint. 


We painted the window sign for Sqirl, the cafe in East Hollywood / Silver Lake responsible for the toast craze in Los Angeles. Jonathan Gold is obsessed with them, and their jams are out of this world! This sign is painted in reverse onto glass in 1Shot sign painter's paint.

South on Main​

This is our first and, so far, only sign to go to the great state of Arkansas. South on Main is a restaurant and performance space run by the Oxford American magazine, and we were thrilled to paint their logo designed by Unscene Inc. in 1Shot sign painter's paint on contour-cut MDO plywood.

The Motley

We made this A-frame sign in 1Shot and chalkboard paint on MDO plywood for The Motley, a men's grooming supply company based in Silver Lake that smells absolutely heavenly. 


If you're looking for delicious Old World wines, look no further than Lou Wines and Provisions in East Hollywood / Silver Lake. We learned more than we ever thought we could know about wine just by hanging out in the shop and painting his door sign in 1Shot. We also painted his A-frame. Lou is a big fan of manicules, as you can tell. We're a big fan of the word manicule

Valerie Confections

We love Valerie Confections for their lavender petit-fours and their two new locations -- one right by our shop, and the other in Grand Central Market, one of our favorite places. We painted a wall sign for them in Grand Central, and a window sign in reverse using gold 1Shot for their Echo Park cafe. 

Epoch Films

This smart production company in Beverly Hills not only had us paint our funniest sign ever (see "Multipurpose Production Spillover Department"), but they also had us paint on the bumpiest, waviest stucco we've ever seen (see the street numbers). We felt like we really earned our sign painting stripes on that wavy stucco!


This Echo Park shop showcases local designers and has adorable, adorable stuff. We were pleased to paint their adorable logo on their transom windows and door. 

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